Bihar Officials Let Sahabuddin on the Prowl

Even the confinement in jail seems inadequate to contain criminal politicians in Bihar. Shahbuddin, the notorious JD MP from Siwan, has virtually shifted his den to the jail where he is under custody. Functioning like any other office with a regular staff, about thirty of his gang members have shifted in to serve the master. Even a telephone has been provided for his use.

Earlier, on the pretext of illness, a common practice nowadays among politicians avoiding police custody, Shahbuddin was shifted to a hospital. Once in the hospital, he moved in and out of the place at his own will to plan with his gang fresh attacks on ML. It was only after a writ petition was filed in the High Court by Com.Taqi Rahim that it was brought to the attention of the Court. Following an investigation by the Chief Justice in which the concerned police officials were taken to task, the criminal was shifted back to the jail. The open support extended by the police and the administration to the notorious criminal shows the extent to which they and the judiciary would go in shielding him in more than two dozen cases pending against him.